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Product Manager

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High Wycombe / London, UK

Product Manager

Validating and shipping products that are valuable, usable, feasible, viable and ethical. All-in on SVPG and Marty Cagan.

Currently at Smartnumbers and previously Octopus, with about a decade in technology, consulting and finance before that.

Currently not looking for full-time opportunities. Reach out via email or LinkedIn.

No Code / Low Code

If push comes to shove I can code - but that's not my strength. Thankfully, the No-Code movement means it doesn't have to be.

This site was built entirely in Carrd. The rest of my life is run on Notion.

Richard Awoyemi has published a great list of No-Code resources, also through Notion.

Machine Learning for Product Managers

Launching soon - a comprehensive guide to Machine Learning, written for Product Managers

WSB Billboards

A list of all the billboards purchased by /r/wallstreetbets users in the 2021 GameStop mania

Bootstrap + Airtable + Netlify

A simple generator to make sArCaStIc tExT ReSpOnSeS LiKe tHiS

Bootstrap + Netlify

Tweet threader

If you've got thoughts that won't fit into one tweet, this generates a numbered thread of tweets for you

Bootstrap + Netlify


I'm also a keen photographer, with an interest in both portraits and street photography


Get in touch! Let's talk about:

  • Product consulting

  • Mentoring (especially if you're transitioning into Product)

  • Validating ideas and what MVP to build

  • Headshots

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