Hi 🙃 🙂 I'm Chris, a Senior Product Manager at Smartnumbers

About me

I’ve taken products from zero to millions of pounds of revenue while working with the biggest organisations in the country. I’ve delivered brilliantly simple products that have caused customers to send thank-you letters. I’ve developed such strong relationships with key clients that they call me to run their strategy through me first.

How I work

I love talking to people - whether they’re customers, users, technical or not. I can present a sales deck to 40 blank squares on a Zoom call; train the sales team on why a new machine learning model matters to them and our customers; or ask annoyingly relevant questions to engineers in technical refinements.

I will avoid meetings if they’re not needed - I would much rather work through some wording in a shared document than squeeze an hour into five peoples’ already full diaries. Written narratives are a great tool for complex decisions. Send me a Loom video instead of a meeting invite and you’ll quickly become one of my favourite people!

Years spent as a consultant (Big Four and independently) has given me an eye for detail that I can’t switch off - one airline I won’t name doesn’t have the boxes on its safety manual aligned properly and I’m not sure what upsets me more, the poor formatting or the fact that I still remember it years later.

Things I've written, built or launched:

Want to get in touch? Find me on LinkedIn, Twitter or chris@chriswade.me